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Innerhalb Europas Versandkosten frei ab 150€ Innerhalb Europas Versandkosten frei ab 150€


MyJama, that's me, Regina Meinke, actively supported by my family.

For more than 20 years I worked for various well-known companies in the clothing industry. The focus of my work was product development and production. The task involved a lot of travel, I spent many hours on the plane and visiting our production sites, looking for new partners and qualifying new suppliers. Compliance with quality goals, social standards and manufacturing costs has always been the requirement in order to be able to achieve adequate margins.

With love and commitment, I have always accepted new challenges, got to know many countries and the different mentalities associated with them. Of course, the necessary flexibility and the high level of commitment to companies came at the expense of my private life.

With the birth of our son 3 years ago, I got a new perspective on my personal happiness and the goals in my life. I decided to start my own label, according to the aspects that are important to me!

It is of great importance to me to work together with my partners on an equal footing, to be able to quickly get them to meet my quality requirements and to ensure sustainable use of all resources and cost-conscious production.

The main supplier for MyJama produces on the Swabian Alb. I can be on site within max. 4 hours and we can discuss problems together. Of course, timeline and prices are still important now, but because MyJama is not subject to a collection cycle, I can work and act more flexibly. I don't want to outsource production to Asia for cost reasons, no matter how much I love being there. I want to use the quality and resources that we have locally in Europe, even if that affects prices, in the end it pays off for all of us.

In April 2022, MyJama went online.

I also had our daughter in the same month, so I was able to look after two “babies” and our three-year-old son at the same time. A great help was and is the use of an external logistician who organizes the picking and shipping for me.

From February this year I will reorganize the processes. With my own warehouse and office capacities, I will take care of the logistics myself. I'm really looking forward to it, because it means I have my collection even closer to me and can send you a little personal greeting :).

Thanks to the great support of Christine Lipski, I have a photographer at my side who will hopefully continue to conjure up the most beautiful campaign pictures for me and who keeps surprising me with her creativity.

I wish that I can inspire you in the field of nightwear, loungewear and soon also underwear to treat yourself to something beautiful, sustainable and good.

Your Regina

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