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Innerhalb Europas Versandkosten frei ab 150€ Innerhalb Europas Versandkosten frei ab 150€


Selected flattering soft fabric qualities in combination with best workmanship characterize the high-quality nightwear by MYJAMA and make them long-lasting companions for every day.

Lenzing® Modal

Modal is one of the viscose fibers and belongs to the family of regenerated fibers. These fibers are made from naturally occurring, renewable raw materials via chemical processes. Instead of crude oil, the man-made fiber is based on cellulose obtained from beech wood. The processes used to produce it are very resource-intensive, which is why we chose Lenzing Modal® from Lenzing in Austria for MYJAMA.

Lenzing uses only beech wood from sustainably managed forests in Austria and Europe (FSC&PEFC certified) for the production. Beech trees are known as deep-rooted trees and are particularly resistant to pests; these two properties mean that no additional watering or use of pesticides is necessary.

The properties of modal compared to cotton fiber are:

Modal is more elastic, durable and retains its shape. In addition, it has greater strength, creases less, is easier to iron.

Garments made of modal are breathable and ideal moisture wicking, silky soft and fall flowing, this ensures a particularly high wearing comfort.

Special feature: since Modal fibers are thinner than a human hair, they are also particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Due to the highest quality of LenzingTM ModalMirco fiber, we can manufacture products that guarantee a long life.

You can also find more information about Lenzing at the following link:

GOTS cotton jersey

Jersey fabrics, also called tricot fabrics, are elastic, breathable, absorbent, robust and are characterized by a particularly high wearing comfort, they are also very easy to care for.

Our fabric is certified with Oeko-Tex Standart 100, the product is free from harmful substances and harmful chemicals.

The fabric is GOTS certified and at least 70% organically produced natural fibers are used in its production.


Basically, you can follow the award of the care label. We recommend especially for our models made of Micromodal the gentle wash cycle with mild detergent and a low spin speed, maximum 600 revolutions. You can give your new favorite styles special protection if you also use a laundry net. The laundry net reduces friction with other textiles and the fabric remains smooth and supple for longer.
Micromoda and Organic Jersey garments may be tumble dried, but please follow the care instructions on the label and choose a gentle program. We tend and recommend you but the laundry rack, that protects the environment and also the material :-).
Since Micromodal and our Organic Jersey do not crease, you will not need to iron it. However, if it should be necessary, a low level is already sufficient here.


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